Wishbone infrared thermometer baby forehead smart thermometer body temperature 

              There’s no shortage of smart thermometers out there, but they tend to have one or more catches: many only work in certain conditions, aren’t very pocketable or require some kind of contact. Ours thermometers may just tackle all of those problems in one fell swoop. The tiny, Y-shaped gadget plugs into your smartphone’s audio jack and uses an infrared sensor to gauge temperatures without contact, regardless of whether you’re pointing it at your baby’s forehead, a hot drink or the great outdoors. It should be both accurate and fast (just two seconds to get a reading, the company claims), and the matching Android and iOS apps will let you track conditions over time.



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When babies are not feeling well, they cry because they cannot say what is wrong. To give parents peace of mind, we need a device that can quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data. As parents ourselves, we could not find anything on the market that could satisfy our needs. That’s why we created Wishbone to help parents monitor and track temperatures more efficiently.


As a father and a baby product store owner, I know the hassle of taking a child’s temperature all too well and so do my teammates. My parenting experience and the feedback from my customers led me to believe that there is a need for a small, easy-to-use thermometer that measures and monitors temperatures using a smartphone. That’s how we came up with the idea for Wishbone.