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Tap’N Go Lock “Security at you Fingertips!”

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Tap’N Go Padlock
“Security at you Fingertips!”

  • Your Finger is the Key! Without key or passwords, fingerprint  padlock, quickly and conveniently lock/unlock
  • Easy Operation with Excellent Quaility: Unique Automatic recognition experience, keyless padlock is in empty status, any finger is key, after set administrator account, it is private. No computer is needed/High quality material. Smart lock padlock can prevent from being pried or smashed or cut
  • Automatic Recognition Technology: Support 10 sets fingerprint storage, smart padlock can be shared to needed people. Administrator account identify function make the biometric padlock more secure
  • Waterproof: Weatherproof padlock, prevent from the rain and dust efficiently.
  • Small & Portable: Use Intellectual fingerprint lock for luggage, backpack, door, drawer, locker etc.